Coaching Testimonials

"It is with great appreciation and pleasure that I refer Jere Friedman as a coach. I was initially apprehensive when considering the financial and personal time commitment. Though the "journey" is never complete, I report with great pride that the personal investment is worth it! The work is an experience which goes far beyond the direct hours of coaching. The personal growth is equally matched by Jere's level of dedication. The guidance Jere provides facilitates an ability to apply the tools learned and utilize critical thinking to put new "habits" into action." Name withheld by request - November 2019  

“Before I signed up, Jere was very supportive and patient with me. He showed me what it’s like to be heard, with no agenda or judgments. Instead, I was welcomed with open arms, an open mind and, more importantly, with an open heart. During our time together, I was able to work on so many aspects of my life. Jere was always there to help me and guide me to find my own answers, in my own way. My biggest benefit from our work together is the relationship I now have with my parents, especially with my father. I would highly recommend Jere as a coach! I could have never imagined the value of being coached by Jere until I signed up and invested in myself. Give yourself permission to have this support – I am SO GLAD I did!! Thank you, Jere, for giving me so many tools to share my light with the world!” Liran Ozeri 10/10/2018

“It's truly hard to express the amount of ground Jere and I covered in the past 6 months. At the highest level, Jere helped me to find the loving essence in myself and in others, to release some old "baggage" I had been carrying around for quite some time, and to recognize that options exist in every moment, especially around how I choose to show up in life.  Working with Jere caused me to slow down, turn inward, and look for truths within myself while he functioned as a mirror to me.  Through our work together I have come to understand that all of life is merely a set of lessons in our "earth school curriculum".  Each week Jere helped me navigate the lessons I was currently working on with all the patience and love in the world.  His servant heart makes him easy to talk to and his availability, even between sessions, is really supportive to the process.  I'm extremely appreciative of all of his support, which allowed me to experience rapid growth on my path towards greater levels of freedom.” Lindsay Smith, 9/14/2018

"For the past several years, I have been pursuing the objective of a raised level of personal consciousness manifested in higher levels of personal peace, personal serenity, and connection to my spiritual essence. The goal of this pursuit has been for me to lead a more compassionate life that is more meaningful and rewarding to me and the people and associations around me.  The catalyst for my pursuit came in the form of an epiphany that my life lacked meaning, direction, genuine fulfillment, and strong, compassionate interpersonal relationships with my core associations.   Through a variety of channels, I have made demonstrative progress toward those goals. One of the most influential channels in my journey has been my coaching sessions with Jere Friedman. As a result of my experiences with Jere, I now have more of the tools and strategies to consistently remain in a higher state of personal consciousness." PS, 11/2017   

“I started working with Jere six months ago to tackle my goal of retirement from a busy law practice.  I had wanted to retire for over two years but just couldn't seem to make it happen.  I felt stuck. Jere, with his mastery of the healing discipline of Spiritual Psychology, helped me to identify the obstacles I put in my own way and to understand why those obstacles were there in the first place.  He then provided me the spiritual tools I needed to clear those self-imposed obstacles so I could be intentional and move on with my retirement plan...which I did!  While my initial focus in working with Jere was how to remove some internal roadblocks to retirement, I quickly realized his counsel was something I could use for most all of life's issues, not just the immediate issue before me.  I now have a number of invaluable tools I can turn to because of my time with him.   As a result, I'm more confident in handling personal issues, I'm more authentic, and I'm much more accepting of myself and others.  Thank you, Jere, for clearing a path for me!”   Leslie Fields, 1/4/2018

"In just one session with Jere I felt a shift. I was being overrun by my negative emotions to the point of obsession. Jere helped me get to the root of the issue which had nothing to do with the person with whom there was a feeling of angst. I feel freer now and have a sense of detachment from this trigger which was a cry for healing old wounds. Thank you Jere for holding love, certainty, and wisdom in our coaching session." Trina Becksted, Scottsdale, AZ