Comments and Testimonials from Classes and Workshops

“The environment was so safe that everyone offered insights and experiences from the deepest place in their hearts. Couldn’t ask for more.” 

“The diverse group and the content together made this a great event.” 

“I had fear going into this. Having never done anything like this, I was afraid that it might not go deep enough and that I’d find myself in company that just wouldn’t resonate. This wasn’t the case. Although I did my best to expel expectations, I will say that I was relieved when we could go deep and find solidarity in shared ground.”

"One-on-one sharing and partner exercises were helpful. Mostly I found myself paired with just the right individual for my present awareness. I discovered many a kindred spirit.” 

“Jere’s one-on-one connections were some of the most powerful, heartfelt, meaningful connections I’ve had in my life.” 

“Sharing and connecting with the men was a powerful experience and the respect (and presence) I felt from you, Jere, is unmatched.” 

“Jere did an excellent job of facilitating the group and sharing his knowledge constructively.”

“Way way way exceeded my expectations” 

“The men you brought to the group were amazing.”

“I needed this.” 

“You gave us enough of you to be connected, but it was not all about you. I know that is very hard to do.” 

“Your listening, preparation, and attention made it very enjoyable. You are also very open and welcoming. Keep up the good work!” 

“Wonderful and meaningful exchanges by an exceptional group of men.” 

“Clearly proficient in leading all topics. Skilled in teaching and explaining the principles and practices of Spiritual Psychology.” 

“The material was really good. The men in the group made it incredible!” 

“You bring amazing preparation, energy and heart!” 

“The discussions were the best part! All of us shared from the heart” 

“Jere, you are very knowledgeable and your kind heart make all the difference.” 

“Somehow the participants trusted each other to share many areas they wanted to heal or improve, which led to many instances in which we had a common interest and could apply the concepts we learned with a sense of empathy.” 

“Great idea, great preparation, great execution and great BEings. So much talent and heart. I’d do this every six months if I’m able.”